Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I know this blogger always outdated, ahaa. So long, no new post published. I'm gonna story you about this kind of people that always i miss add love. So, majority of my time spend with them. Idk how's they all there. Happy without me? Laughing, joke-ing, goshh, without me?  Are they all will remember me? Huargggggg! :'( Guess i'll miss them soo much, jayy :(( My lesbo named anis and she's really nice to me and always be when i'm lonley and need someone to listen up my grumblings, thanks anis. Amira akil, soo many sweet memories with youu. *Sedih kan cerita sekali lagi? :'( Veed is my tiny friend, she's really good. BOBO, my crazy cow, don't be sad okay? Wan can take care of you, dear :PP Wan, i miss you soo damn muchh. Lama tk bahan tasnim. Dianot, I miss you and your attitude that make every one furious, gosh you're soo infuriate, Grrr -,- And lasty, my EX sister Intan karmila, i miss you lah crazy. Nnti kita wrestling lg ye mael lambong. I miss you all soo much :(( Hope we'll meet again, so long, farewell 

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