Saturday, April 16, 2011

sweetest moment EVER

today is saturday . it is usually boring . so , i've planned for take a long time for sleep last night . but my wish had not achieved bcause i have to help my aunty cook . padahal tk tolong pun :D then she said she'll send us to the curve for JB blablabla .. butt we change mind better go to KLCC watch movie and so on . with ? JENGJENGJENG let's see ...

 actually , ad sorang lg named rango :)
butt i forgot to snap his pict . sorry hafiz

yang pling best terserempak dgan mommy aryf and little small tehaa <3
of course lah dupdap dupdap kan
ap lg , salam aje lahh dlm takut2 tu

okay , guess what movie we watch ..
seram right ? HEE
thats all for today . byebyee

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