Tuesday, March 29, 2011


hello there !  WOW , I dunno what to write but I really wanna write something to start me off on this . There's a saying ( yeah from a motivation book I've read by Steve Chandler ) "Start Out Lazy". Hey , dont get him wrong here , what he meant is that it's better that we start slowly , becoz later we'll progress staedily , increasing doing the tasks. You know sometimes we have to do tasks we really hated (like an essay on boring topics) yeah ,.? but we have to start somewhere rite ?
So , this is my starting point laaa . I havent decide yet on this blog , hopefully I'll get some soon , real soon , before my classes start and exam errrkk , errrmm , that's life , rite ? Normal la tu .
Opps , no idea now , totally blank . ( not too bad in this case , BUT very Critcal during Exams )
boring = ='

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