Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7 is not a big numb

ramai yg tanya what number of my sibling . when I answer 7 including adik beradik tiri, smua ckap 'wow' not all laa actually . HAHA . and they will ask "notuneasy isn't it ?" to me 7 not too surfeit lahh . but if banyak sgat  pun always happy right ? we always fight (bergusti)  lah , that is our necessary action we just like 'hoy , tu aku punya lah" . "aku lahh " . "bukan kau punyaa" like that lahh . for us, we are everything . we are friend, we are enemy, everything lah . let me introduce my crazy sibling :)

this is my first sister riri . she is a little bit crazy but i like hers manner
soo long , no converse

second sister named shera or known as chopa . haha !
she is very shy at school . she talk while cover her mouth using hers hand .
itu klau dkat sekolah
dkt rumah terloncat2 mcm kera

this is my stepbrother , alif
urm , i know la he is black-in-colour
haha ! but honestly he is very handsome if u face to face with this guy laa

intan is my stepsister
*the crazieststst 

and lg 2 tu lelaki named iqbal and darwish . i dont have their pict . surry
.why ? ouhh . tk cukup sorang lg eh ?
lastly , me ! :)
i told u already we are crazy
thanks for reading .

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